The field of analytical chemistry has grown dramatically over the past two decades. Current technology allows very low levels to be analyzed in almost any matrix (down to 1 in 1 trillion atoms), supporting the requirements that government agencies (especially the Environmental Protection Agency) now enforce.


Attention is now turning to making improvements in the methods for preparing samples (SamplePrep WebTM), because contamination from reagents and existing procedures are now the limiting step in the analyses.


Dr. Kingston, a pioneer and vocal advocate for both sample preparation and microwave chemistry (a major new sample preparation technique), sees the setup of a WWW site on this subject as a vehicle for focusing the world efforts in this area.


It is important from the outset that this project be considered professional and of the highest integrity. Thus it is important that implementation of the different components of the center be accomplished appropriately. If you would like to help with the formation of the internet newsgroup, contact us at



  1. Support for researchers, scientists, manufacturers, and government agencies who are pushing the frontiers of science and its environmental implications. Directory of Services
  2. Provide a set of reference tools in acid digestion for sample preparation SamplePrep WebTM for trace element analysis.
  3. Support for a broad range of fields, e.g. environmental analysis, industrial process control, medicine, mining, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and foods.
  4. The global nature of accurate analysis, and its environmental impact, requires a global organization. The fast growth in the internet and its easy access around the world make it the obvious choice for supporting such a group.
  5. With the growing need for standard methods of sample preparation, a diverse range of matrices, and applications (e.g. environmental analysis and restoration), a central source of this information is urgently needed.
  6. Several hundred attendees (of short courses) have been taught about this subject over the last five years and this is an excellent opportunity to provide continued education for them and the rest of the community.
  7. Safety information especially relevant to the use of microwave energy for sample preparation (e.g. reports of accidents).


  1. The idea for this electronic resource site was introduced to an audience of over 100 world class scientists in January 1995 in Cambridge, England. The idea was reviewed enthusiastically as an appropriate and much needed addition for the analytical community.
  2. Both the American Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry met with the organizers at PittCon `95 and '96 to discuss their involvement with this new project.
  3. Milestone MLS, manufacturers of microwave sample preparation equipment have provided funding for development of the site, which has permitted a full time computer administrator and a scientific administrator to cover the day-to-day operations.
  4. The Duquesne University school of Natural and Environmental Sciences has contributed funds for the purchase and maintainence of the Silicon Graphics WebFORCE Indy server that is providing these pages.
  5. Several Ph. D. Scientists (mostly professors) have already agreed to act on an expert panel to take technical questions and respond with independent opinions. We expect the list to grow soon to over a dozen. This project is being guided by a true interest in a new technological field.
  6. A group of Professors from many Universities around the world is being put together as a board of directors to oversee the administration and quality of the effort, just as American Standards and Testing Material (ASTM) and other standards organizations in science do.

Dr. H.M. 'Skip' Kingston


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